Membership Application

I / we hereby make application for membership of the NZ Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association
Inc., a duly incorporated body of Concrete Sawing & Drilling Contractors having its registered office
in Auckland. I / we undertake to be bound by the rules of the association and to pay within three
calendar months of receipt, the annual subscription so decided by the executive each year, as
determined in accordance with the said rules.

Membership Type

Full Members shall be substantially engaged in the business of concrete sawing and drilling and tasks.

Associate Members can be any person, company or body corporate engaged in whole or part
in the manufacture, importation, supply, maintenance and repair installation or promotion of
machinery, tools of the trade or related equipment pertaining to the business of concrete
sawing and drilling.The Executive may admit any applicant who does not meet the above criteria.


Includes Member Manual

The Membership year is 1st April to 31st March.




To the best of our knowledge, as at the date of application I / we declare that the above has been
read and understood and that the information we have given in the above sections is correct