NZCSDA Commercial Concrete Cutting

Our concrete cutters have a wealth of industry knowledge and highly trained workforces with specialised machinery ensuring they can offer their customers premier concrete cutting services. Cutting, sawing and drilling can all be performed on a variety of projects in construction or demolition with minimal noise and disruption.

Commercial concrete cutting is required when you need to prepare sections for removal or create concrete shaping on a project. Our commercial cutting members have years of experience in delivering a quality service using the latest technology and keeping health and safety at the core of their operations.

Floor Sawing, also called road sawing, ground sawing or flat sawing:

All professional concrete cutting companies use walk-behind machines. They range from 15 to 84 horse power and come in a range of petrol and diesel saws, depending on the manufacturer. There are 3 phase electric powered saws available for inside work to eliminate carbon monoxide fumes. The horse power of the machine determines the depth the machine can cut. A high horse power floor saw can cut to a depth of 600mm.

Typical uses for a floor saw are:

  • To cut expansion joints in new concrete to help stop the concrete cracking over time;
  • To cut thick concrete for removal;
  • To sawcut asphalt to gain access to sub- base on roads.