Concrete Cutting and Drilling is done with diamond tipped drill bits and blades. It is the least destructive of all methods for removing concrete or forming penetrations in concrete structures. There is minimal structural damage to the remaining concrete. Diamond tipped drills and blades will cut reinforcing steel in concrete.

The operation is quick, quiet, and environmentally friendly. Health and safety risks are readily identifiable and therefore can either be eliminated or minimised. Care must be taken by owners and contractors on building renovations that the correct professional advice is received by registered engineers prior to structural modifications being undertaken.

About The New Zealand Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association (NZCSDA)

The Association is made up of companies within the concrete cutting and drilling industry who wish to develop and promote the concrete cutting and drilling industry to the benefit of the construction industry and who have determined to provide a professional service for the benefit of customers.

These companies represent the entire industry including suppliers, contracting companies and companies in associated activities.


Goals & Objectives of the NZCSDA


Quality Assurance

To promote the use of professional concrete cutting and drilling companies in the construction industry and by the wider public.


Nationwide suppliers

To promote wider understanding and awareness of concrete cutting and drilling skills and capabilities in the construction industry and by the wider public.


National Standards

To further, protect, encourage and promote the Association and its members to the construction industry and related government authorities.

Highest safety standards & skills

To secure co-operation and co-ordination between personnel involved in the concrete sawing and drilling industry and to be involved in enhancing the skills, expertise and safety of members whilst encouraging interchange of information among members